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How can I order a custom graduation cap?

If you're interested in ordering a custom hand-painted graduation cap, you must first fill out the custom graduation cap application. Once you have filled this out, I will then email you with instructions on how to move forward with your order. If I am fully booked for the date you have applied for, I will explain some alternative options, like purchasing a printed topper. If you are applying for a 2025 cap, I will email you with a link to pay the $10 deposit to reserve your spot. If you are inquiring for a 2026-2034 cap, I will add your name to a contact list where I will email you with a link to pay a $10 deposit to reserve your spot once my books open up for the given year. Once your $10 deposit has been paid, your order is secure and your date has been reserved. 

How do I pay the $10 deposit to reserve my spot for a custom cap?

Once you have filled out the custom grad cap application, your name will be added to a master contact list that includes the names and emails of every person who is inquiring for a custom cap for a given year (2025 grads, 2026 grads, and so on). I reserve spots for custom grad caps two years in advance. For example, if you are applying for a 2026 cap, spots will open up in October of 2024. I will email you (and everyone else on the contact list) with details on how to pay the deposit. That email will include a date and time and a link to my website where you can pay the $10 deposit when spots open up. Please set an alarm as spots are on a first-come, first-serve basis. There are only 7 custom spots open per week and tend to sell out fast, so please be payment-ready at the time and date specified in the informational email. Your $10 deposit will be applied to the total cost of your graduation cap (pricing guide available here ) and is non-refundable. You will select your preferred week from the drop-down menu provided before adding the item to your cart. This is the week you will receive your grad cap, so I HIGHLY recommend selecting a date earlier than your graduation ceremony date so you can make sure you have your cap beforehand for pictures, etc. If you do not know what date you will be graduating, I recommend checking your school’s past ceremony dates for reference. Please make sure the name and/or email on the order matches the information on your custom grad cap application.

What happens once I have paid the $10 deposit?

Once you have added the deposit to your cart and completed your purchase, you will receive a confirmation email. Your order is now complete and your date for a custom graduation cap has been reserved. Given this is often 1-2 years in advance, there is nothing else you need to do in the meantime. 1-2 weeks before your reserved date, I will contact you via email or text (whatever information was provided on your grad cap application) to get started. 

What if the date I need my cap for is sold out?

I only offer 7 custom spots per week. Spots are on a first-come, first-serve basis. This means you, along with all the other graduates applying for the same year, have access to the deposit at the same time. This is the best way I can insure a fair booking to everyone who has applied. Once the spots are sold out for a certain week, I recommend seeing if an earlier date is available instead. Once spots are completely sold out, unfortunately I have reached my maximum workload and can no longer take on orders for that time. No exceptions. I do not accept offers to "pay more" or "squeeze in" more orders. 

What other options do I have if you are fully booked for custom caps?

1. Add your name to my waitlist

I do have an option to add your name to a waitlist in the case of a cancellation/opening. Adding your name to the waitlist does not guarantee you a spot. Once you have added your name, I will reach out closer to your date ONLY in the event of a cancellation or opening for a custom graduation cap. I MUST also have a completed Custom Graduation Cap application on file for you or your waitlist submission will be discarded.

2. You may purchase a Printed Graduation Cap Topper

If you’re looking for an alternative to a hand-painted cap, feel free to browse through all of my topper designs on my website. While they are not hand-painted, they are still designed and produced by me. I have quite a few designs available and they can be customized with any quote. Anyone can order these at any time (you do not need an application) and they will ship out same-week. This is a great alternative to a hand-painted cap (more affordable too!) You may order a “custom quote topper” or shop through a variety of premade, as-is designs. I also have completely custom glitter topper designs available. Links below:


Custom Quote Toppers:


Premade Designs:


Glitter Topper Designs:

3. Order your cap for a later date

Lots of people choose to order a personalized cap to keep as a memory. Even if you're not able to have it in time for your pictures or ceremony, you may still order a cap for a time slot where I do have spots available. Fill out an application and in the "Need-By Date" section, write "doesn't matter" or "already graduated, looking for a keepsake" and I will send over the link to reserve your spot for the earliest date I have available.

4. Consider supporting another artist

There are plenty of other talented graduation cap artists out there! Consider browsing instagram or Etsy to find someone who can provide you with a custom graduation cap. Please be considerate of their processing times and policies regarding custom orders, as every artist is different. And thank you for shopping small! 

What if I need to change or move up my reserved date?

Once you have paid your $10 deposit, your order is secured for the specified week you requested. If there is a change in your graduation date, please contact me via DM on Instagram or email.


If you need to push your cap order to a later date, I am happy to do so free of charge given there are available spots still available for the new date you are requesting. 

If you need to move your date but I am now fully booked for the new date you are requesting (either earlier or later), I do have a $50 rescheduling fee. This fee is to add your order to a week where my workload is already at it's maximum capacity, to be fair to the time and effort it takes for me as an artist to take on more work for that given week.

If there are no more spots available for your requested change and you are not able/willing to pay the rescheduling fee, your $10 deposit may also be applied towards the purchase of a printed topper on my website. Aside from that option, the $10 deposit is non-refundable.

Once my spot is secured, what does the process look like?

1-2 weeks before your reserved date, I will contact you via email or text (whatever contact information you provided in your application). I will ask that you explain the ideas you have in mind for your design and send over any reference images you may have. From there, I will sketch out all your ideas into a digital preview, which you are more than welcome to make any changes to until you are happy with the end result. Once you have approved your sketch, I will send over a detailed description and breakdown of pricing for your particular design. (Pricing guide available here). If you approve of the pricing, I will send over a link where you can complete your payment directly on my website. If the pricing is out of your budget, we can discuss more affordable options like a cardstock or printed topper instead. Once payment is completed, I will then begin to work on your design. Once it is finished, I will send you a photo of the completed cap for you to approve before it is packed and shipped directly to your shipping address for delivery during your reserved date.

Do you accept international orders?

Yes. However, I ask that you reserve your date 4-6 weeks before your ceremony/pictures to allow extra time for international shipping, which can vary depending on the country you live in. I am not responsible for any lost/delayed packages or any fees/delays associated with customs upon entry to your country. Please keep in mind that you are responsible for paying the international postage which may vary in cost. By choosing to purchase a deposit for a custom graduation cap, you accept these conditions and risks associated with your international order.

Do you provide the graduation cap for my custom order?

There are three options when ordering a custom graduation cap.

1. You can mail me your own graduation cap to paint if you have one already. You will be responsible for the shipping fees to my address. Please do not include your tassel in your package.

2. I can provide a cap for you for an additional $15 fee. I will confirm the color of your school's cap and I am happy to provide one for you if you do not have yours yet.

3. You may order a cardstock topper that attaches directly to your grad cap instead. All toppers come with double-sided tape on the bottom and instructions on how to easily attach it to your cap. 

What if I don't know what I want on my cap yet?

When filling out your custom grad cap application, I do provide a section where you are welcome to describe the ideas you have in mind for your cap and attach images, etc. You are also welcome to leave this section blank. Given that spots book out two years in advance, I understand your design may change over time. 1-2 weeks before your reserved date, I will ask that you narrow down your final ideas for your cap. While I'm always happy to make suggestions and facilitate the design process, I do ask that you come prepared with a general idea in mind for your cap. I do not do "surprise me" designs. We are partners in this process and I ask that we work together to create a design that fits your vision. 

Can you copy a design I've seen online from another artist?

While I do welcome my customers to share any reference images of work they like or designs they've seen online, etc., I will not copy another artist's design. I'm happy to work with you to incorporate concepts you like into a one-of-a-kind design. Every artist has their own style, therefore I am happy to draw inspiration from others, but will always make sure to put my own spin on it to respect that artist's intellectual property, as well as showcase my own personal style as an artist into every grad cap I create.

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