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Here are some questions you can ask yourself to help get a better idea of what you'd like on your custom graduation cap.

I always recommend browsing online (Pinterest, Instagram, Tiktok, Google) for inspiration pictures so you can see what kind of designs catch your eye. Then ask yourself these questions to narrow down your ideas! 

1. Do you have a main quote in mind?

2. Do you want to include a sub quote? (A smaller, secondary phrase under your main quote) 

       2A. Maybe your name, your major, your class year, etc.

3. Do you want the quote(s) to be in cursive, print, or in another specific font?

4. Do you want a full background design? Do you only want a border?

       4A. If you want a sunset background, do you have a specific color scheme you'd like?

       4B. Do you want a glitter background?

5. If you want a floral design, do you want to include any specific flowers?

       5A.You can include your favorite, your birth flower, your loved ones' birth flowers, etc

       5B. If you don't have any specific flowers in mind, do you have an overall color scheme you'd like to stick to? 

6. Do you want to include anything relating to your major/study

       6A. Think of specific symbols or designs you'd like incorporated

7. Do you want to include people (you, your family, or your pets) on your cap?

       7A. Do you want to have them facing forward with faces shown?

       7B. Do you want them "illustration-style" with no faces? 

       7C. Do you want them showing only from the back?

       7D. Do you want them to wear anything specific items of clothing or any specific colors?

       7E. Please mention specific details or send photos if possible so I can see hair color/length/texture, body type,                  height, skin color

8. Do you want to include a portrait of a passed loved one?

       8A. Please send a clear photo

       8B. Do you want them to have a halo or wings included?

9. Do you want to include your hometown/where you're from?

       9A. Do you have any specific pictures or landmarks you'd like me to include? 

10. Do you want to include any 3D embellishments?

       10A. Glued on flowers, rhinestones, rhinestone borders, a bow, gold flakes, etc

11. Do want to include any meaningful symbols into your main design?

       11A. Butterflies, cancer ribbons, doves, etc?

12. Do you want to include any movie/show characters?

       12A. Which characters? Any specific scenes or details from the movie/show you'd like to include? 

13. Do you want to include any flags to represent where you're from?

Once you have some ideas in mind, let me put it all together in a personalized sketch for you and we can go from there! Feel free to request any changes you'd like until you're satisfied with your final draft. Please read the details below regarding edits.


Once you have sent over the ideas you'd like for your design, I will then create a digital mockup/proof/preview of your cap design. I will make up to two additional mockups/edits free of charge. Any edits after that will be subject to additional charges with a pay-per-edit system with payments made via my website. Each edit will range between $3-8 depending on the complexity of edits.  

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