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Hand-Painted Grad Cap Pricing Guide

Simple Quote, Basic Floral Border Design $55-75+
  • Quotes: $25-50 Price will vary on length of quote

  • Border $40 Price will vary on complexity of design

  • Price will go up $20 flat if you want your design painted directly onto the fabric cap itself instead of a cardstock topper

Characters, Portraits, etc..

  • Pets $20-30 per pet

  • Characters $20-35 each depending on complexity

  • Castles $60

  • Buildings $30+ depending on complexity

  • Back-facing people, faceless illustrations $10-15 each

Detailed Human Portraits

  • $30-40 per person

*Please note that I am still learning and practicing. I will try to match your loved one's features as best as I can but cannot guarantee a hyper-realistic portrait. Please review my style and previous work before deciding to order a portrait on your cap. Thank you! 

Full Background: $80-$350+
  • Full background caps vary in price depending on the complexity of design. I will take into consideration the background, detailed buildings, elements, characters, portraits, etc of your design and price accordingly.

  • Once you have sent over the ideas you'd like for your design, I will then create a digital mockup/proof/preview of your cap design. I will make up to two additional mockups/edits free of charge. Any edits after that will be subject to additional charges with a pay-per-edit system with payments made via my website. Each edit will range between $3-8 depending on the complexity of edits.  

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